$2 000 000+

Generating gross profits for clients.


18 cities

Territorial coverage for business development


3 countries

Assisted clients in organizing their businesses


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Наша компанія пропонує повний цикл послуг з лідогенерації й аналітики

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The most frequent issues our clients face when working with us are:


The hiring of a number of different contractors who simply shift responsibility onto each other because they are limited to their directions only. The entire marketing and business strategy cannot be built in this case

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Specialists who promise a lot but don't live up to the terms of the agreement because they lack the level of competence


Professional in-house specialists, but it becomes an expensive item in the company's budget


The involvement of several contractors has led to the destruction of everything that was somehow working

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Contractors increase their checks through solutions and tools, which the company does not need at this stage of development

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The most serious issue is that business owners frequently need to understand their own processes in order to identify gaps.


Isn’t it easier to involve a team that is made up of all competent specialists who will perform to the greatest standards and in case of any misunderstandings, you will know exactly who is in charge of the outcome and to who you can ask?

Let's consider several options

Let’s have a look at the first option

Tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands UAH are spent on staff upkeep, which includes marketing specialists, target specialists, SMM specialists, Google ads specialists, graphic designers, copywriters, video editors, and many more roles.

You can also employ sales trainers, website developers, and Push or Email newsletter experts.

There is also a second option

There are several contractors that you have. Various agencies claim that they are the most effective and that their direction should be left and continued, but they frequently start to shift the responsibility onto each other as they justify their work. To comprehend the issue, business owners frequently need to be aware of how this system is created.

And that is why the business owner often has to delve into the processes of building this system himself in order to understand what the problem is.

Imagine, for instance, that while making renovations to your apartment, you’ve employed several contractors for different tasks, such as wall decoration, paving tiles, and installing plumbing or electrical wiring.

And it begins
  • - the walls are curved
  • - the bathtub cannot be installed
  • - the door cannot be installed, because the opening is not such
and everyone blames each other Then you have a choice: either redo everything, or look for a solution and fix it, and the money has already been paid This is time, nerves, finances and additional troubles.

Example of own department maintenance costs



~ 15 000 UAH per month


SMM specialist

~ 8 000 UAH per month


Site support

~ 3 000 UAH per month


Teaching managers

~ 5 000 UAH per month


Marketer, to control all processes

~ 20 000 UAH per month


Traffic specialist

Google ads

~ 15 000 UAH per month



~ 20 000 UAH per month


It is charged separately by different companies

development or adjustment of CRM, BAF, marketplaces


The cost of all services



~ 86 000 UAH



~ 258 000 UAH



~ 1 032 000 UAH

Often our clients have their own marketing department before starting work with us. But why hire a lot of employees and incur huge costs, if you can attract one team that will do everything and much cheaper and better than the internal department.


Anastasiia Maksymchuk
Anastasiia Maksymchuk
Specialist in Email/SMS/VoIP campaigns
Yurii Feshchuk
Yurii Feshchuk
Marketplace Specialist
Andrii Hromov
Andrii Hromov
Consolidated Information Analyst
Oksana Vasyl'chenko
Oksana Vasyl'chenko
UX/UI Designer
Vitalii Repeta
  • 6+ years of experience in web development
Vitalii Repeta
Web Developer
Pavlo Nyskohuz
Pavlo Nyskohuz
CEO of System Development
Tetiana Kinakh
Tetiana Kinakh
Head of SMM department
Taras Hrytsyshyn
  • 5+ years on the market
  • ₴10 000 000 in spent budgets
Taras Hrytsyshyn
Certified Google Ads Partner
Olexandr Kraev
  • Over 12 years of experience in the niche
Olexandr Kraev
Head of Sales Department

Example of service costs in other agencies if you gather these services from various contractors:

Targeting (high-level agency)

~ $400-500 per month


~ $400-500 per month

~ $3000 per month

+ + often additional charges for Google Shopping setup, PPC advertising, etc


СММ Basic

~ $200-400 per month


Manager Training

~ 1000 UAH per month

per person (group training)


CRM, (price depends on type

~ 1000 UAH per hour


Marketplace services are rarely provided by most agencies.


BAF, (price depends on type

~ 1000 UAH per hour


Often our clients have their own marketing department before starting work with us. But why hire a lot of employees and incur huge costs, if you can attract one team that will do everything and much cheaper and better than the internal department.

We relieve the business owner of all problems by submitting a full clear report on all areas.

We are honest with our clients and will not claim that you will boost your profit by 25 times tomorrow. But, we know exactly what to do and how to do it to create a fully functional system in your business.

Our advantage is that we are completely prepared to "turn-key" your company's whole internet business area. From writing texts and creating pictures to training managers and building a full and clear analysis of all online processes.

That is, by employing a single business, you receive a turnkey project with concise weekly reports and regular meetings to discuss the development strategy of your company or business

Cases of our work

Here are some examples of our clients. We have already worked in 3 countries and 20 cities and are ready to implement in your business everything that we’ve tested for there 3 years. We have also worked out budgets for hundreds of thousands of dollars and determined what is going to be the most successful in your company.

Level 1

Some Case

міжкімнатні двері

102 клієнта за перший місяць

1004 test

1005 test

міжкімнатні двері

If you intend to:

  • set up a system activity with an expected profit
    We specialize exclusively in the fields of construction and repair, which are closely linked to one another, and this is our main advantage.

  • have a team of qualified managers who know how to close a deal with a customer

  • cease spending money for unknown contractors
    We are the only company in Ukraine specializing in this field.

  • onstantly "putting out fires" in the business and interfering with operational processes
    We know all the "pain" of your potential clients, have tested hundreds of thousands of dollars of budget, and as a result, we know everything that works and what doesn't.


Our specialists are online

Leave your number and a specialist will contact you within 30 minutes.

Three levels make up our system. Often our clients have their own marketing department before starting work with us. But why hire a lot of employees and incur huge costs, if you can attract one team that will do everything and much cheaper and better than the internal department.